Weddings are as much a celebration of love and commitment as they are a study in human nature and culture. I’m amazed at how much joy two people falling in love can be to a family and a whole community of individuals. It renews faith, brightens the future, and gives hope that no other tradition […]

Owyhee Wedding Celebration

Honestly, I love every wedding. I remember growing up when other girls dreamed of being married, I dreamt of coordinating their weddings. I find so much joy in the details, the dress, and of course, the sweet couple. Truthfully, I still can’t believe they will let me hangout throughout the whole experience. It’s such an […]

There is something really special about photographing people in love ~ to be the one to capture the way two people feel about each other and presenting it to the world. It’s a very vivid reminder that this lifestyle isn’t about the photographer, but about the story you’ll tell with the photos you capture. It’s […]

Clay & Mikki ~ engaged


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