As you may have guessed, these sessions organically make us get to know each other, which for me just happens to be the best part of the experience. I’ve been so inspired by the incredible women I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I strive to a create a safe environment to offer my clients to feel free of the all the outside pressures of modern day life. Because of this I have been able to see transformations in women that have in turn transformed me. Underneath it all, we are beautiful and we are fearless.

This process can begin with an email, a phone call or an in person meeting. Expect that I will take the time to get to know you and answer any questions or any concerns you may have. This will help me set up the session for success and we'll have tons of fun in the process!


Once your session is booked, we’ll begin the Boudoir experience with a private Pinterest mood board. We’ll be able to share ideas on clothing, lingerie, hair and makeup looks and just about anything that makes your heart sing.
Psst . . . you can find me on Pinterest for some ideas to get you started.

We'll also discuss the Hush Boudoir Service Agreement. Rest assured your images are safe with me. Also keep in mind that a model release is 100% optional - like the images you see on my website, we'll discuss all of this together . . . you have nothing to worry about.


Here are the details. Your session starts off with an hour of gorgeous pampering by my amazing glam team. You don't have to worry about posing, I will guide you through all of that. If you're nervous because you don't how to model - I'm with your girl. As with any type of session, it's my job to make sure everything works together. I will have certain poses in mind for your wardrobe and body type and will make suggestions from the mood boards we create especially for you. This is the perfect time to relax, have fun and let me do the work. The session will have a light, informal feel that creates a fun experience. Promise. 

During your

Most clients are! But please try not to be – I will guide you through each step and rest assured, you'll feel comfortable and so pretty in your own skin. 

We’ll serve you a mimosa, throw on some fun music you love and the makeup artist and hair stylist will get to work! I will be there with you, chatting about outfit choices, accessories, the latest episode of Nashville - all normal things, right?! This is a day of pampering and celebration of you and I am honored to be part of your journey. Truly. 


“Modeling is hard work! I just can't say enough how happy I am with my entire experience! It was hard to choose which photos to put in the GORGEOUS leather book because they were all so amazing! I would highly recommend Shana to anyone interested in a boudoir photo shoot! ”


“The entire process from beginning to end was made to make me feel like I was amazing! She is so helpful with suggestions on hair / makeup / outfits, etc. The setting is fantastic and very tasteful and sophisticated as are all of the photos. I was extremely pleased, as was my husband with the photos. I will definitely be doing another shoot in the future.”

mrs. e

“She will become part of your life in a special and meaningful way. Her exquisite eye for detail makes the experience, photos and memories original to tailor each person. So relax, trust the professional, and have fun! This is definitely something every woman should experience and there will be no better experience than with Shana. I hope you all love her as much as I do. ”


“Words cannot say how you have made me feel about myself in your photography. I have spent so many years beating myself up and I can say with honesty that when I look at those photos, I can't help but fall in love with my body.”

mrs. m


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