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If we have a chance to make one heart of two, I just want to dance with you. ~ king george 💫How cute are these two? I instantly fell in love with this couple. They bring so much joy to the people around them and have hearts bigger than anything I’ve seen. Their easy nature […]

Kass & Kaycie ~ engaged

Or as I like to call her ~ Geena.  Damn, girl. You turned up the heat on McKay Creek! As much as this hurts, I’m just going to say it . . . I’ve never seen Steve happier. 🐔HUGE thank you for coming to visit us and bringing the pickles. You and yours are always […]

This wedding was a romantic dream in the making since the first day these two met. The kind of romantic dream that starts with a Craigslist ad for a roommate. Shortly after you make 100% sure you aren’t signing up to live with an ax-murderer, your new roommate introduces you to her brother and your […]

Rustic Chic Wedding Celebration

There is no such thing as a quick trip to Nevada for this Oregon gal, but I will say it was worth every mile. I met up with Victor & Staheli about 200 feet after I crossed over the border into what I would call “Real Cowboy Country”. Breathtaking views, amazing hospitality and a couple […]


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