~ the Knowles family ~

Best laid plans, right? Lets just say between my schedule, the crazy schedule of this beautiful ranch and rodeo family and Pacific Northwest weather ~ we reschedule this session for at least 6 months. Life just happens that way sometimes, but if you ask me it was all in perfect timing.

I absolutely love this sweet family. They exude kindness and generosity in everything they do, not to mention extending incredible hospitality.  This isn’t anything new to the Knowles family, they all happen to be that way ~ a true blessing to those around them.

I hope you enjoy a little sneak into this ranch family session. I feel terrible that Whitney specifically requested ‘just one good photo’ to hang on her wall, because I think she will might have a hard time choosing that ‘one good one’.  I’m also worried that Lydia wasn’t having any fun at her session!  But, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Cheers ~ shana


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