~ sweet spring love ~

The whole world is unfurling, as the winter makes to leave, like it is stretching out its limbs, and learning once more how to breathe, for spring is in it’s fingertips; the time for sleep is through, and the air is gently humming with the chance to start anew. ~ e.hansen

One of the greatest honors I experience as a photographer is the invitation to spend the precious, sacred moments of people’s lives with them, in hopes of documenting the journey for them to relive at their finger tips. Sweet little Kelso was as darling as you can imagine, with his dad’s dimpled chin, tiny sweet lips, and chubby cheeks. He is at total peace in his home and in the arms of the ones that love him. And it wouldn’t be right not to mention a protective and kind border collie at his side. For everyone deserves to know the love of good dog and some are lucky to know from the day they were born.

Thank you to Sarah and Kip for inviting me to spend the morning with your gorgeous family. Best wishes and lots of love ~ shana



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