The Making of a Great Story

~ The Making of a Great Story

Let’s face it . . . rain is just about every bride and groom’s wedding day fear. And what if it’s not just a little sprinkle? What if it’s a incredible Oregon storm with high winds and sideways soaking rains? I can honestly say I have now experienced firsthand these ‘what if’ fears become a wedding day reality.

So, if it’s okay, let me skip ahead and tell you the ending ~
It is an absolutely glorious day, with every moment overflowing with more love, understanding, flexibility, laughter and the makings of epic memories to be shared down through many generations to come. It is a gorgeous bride and handsome groom that can’t take their eye’s off each other for even a moment throughout the entire evening. It was two families that opened the dance floor up, to celebrate becoming one family together in a way no others could. It was amazing food to be shared, one beautiful wedding cake to be cut and absolutely perfect toasts to be raised.
It was the remarkable wedding day and the makings of a great story.
Here is a little sneak into Kyle & Heather’s spectacular day ~
P.S. Keep a look out for the little guy that stole the dance floor and my heart.


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