Sunset Wheat Farm

Let’s face it . . . work is just work, right?

No . . . not at all. Somewhere along the way it became much more to me. Work means meeting new people and spending time with old friends. Works means being invited into a family for a peak of their ‘normal’. Works means freezing time, in an age where it seems like time is what we lack the most of.

So, when a family asks me to capture these precious moments for them, I can’t help but to feel honored. Every single experience is different and I’ve learned to begin each session with a clean slate of all expectation.

And some experiences are absolutely to die for ~ and this was one of them.

~ ~ ~

I showed up to the Bracher home a touch early, or maybe they were running a touch behind, I don’t really keep that close of track ~ I’m in for the long haul either way. I’ve shot several weddings at their their gorgeous barn, so I know my way around a little, which explains why I was watching a movie on their couch unbeknownst to them, when they emerged from their respective rooms. In the meantime, their oldest son offered me Nutella on spoon and informed me he was wearing someone else’s pants.

At this point, I knew it was going to be an epic evening . . . . and this is exactly why in my line of ‘work’, work is never just work ~ it’s always an experience.


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