HELLO, Ladies!

I am so excited about 2018 I can hardly stand myself. Seriously, I’m probably a little annoying . . . but, COME ON it’s going to be fabulous and  I have some great things in store for my clients that make my heart so happy.

So, let’s talk a bit about my favorite sessions EVER. Boudoir has been a passion of mine for quite some time and I’ve been quietly doing them in the background for the last five years. So, it’s a little heartbreaking when I hear of clients that didn’t realize I did these types of sessions and have gone elsewhere and even some who didn’t have an awesome experience.

Ladies, this should be a blast! You should love the experience. You should laugh and enjoy every minute, even if you are a little nervous for the first 30 seconds (because you won’t be after that) and when it’s done, you should be proud of yourself and feel like an incredibly gorgeous woman. That’s what this should be.

And here’s the deal . . . . women ARE doing this. Just trust me on this one. Men everywhere are receiving some incredible anniversary, birthday, grooms, Christmas, Valentines Day and deployment gifts. I get plenty of husband hugs for the amazing albums they are enjoying and for making their favorite lady feel so wonderful.

Back to all the awesome we are going to throw down this year ~

  • Personal consultation to chat about what to expect, styling and clothing options.
  • We have cutest, sweetest venue for our sessions. You’re gonna LOVE this place!
  • Professional Hair & Makeup provided in this sweet little venue ~ no traveling between your session and the salon.
  • We will personally view your images together to put into your luxury album. These albums are to die for. Ahhh, just thinking about how good the leather smells right now.
  • Champagne. Yaasss, we’ll throw that down, too.


JANUARY 29 – 31, 2018

These dates are the only dates available prior to Valentines Day.

Sessions start at $750, include professional hair & makeup and gift album.

 Contact me for collections & scheduling information and I’ll be happy to chat with about any questions you have. It is important to me that every client of mine gets lots of special attention, so space is very limited for these sessions.